by ReRun

Hello! The people who read the comics just before the last original Sunday Strip was published may remember me riding on the back of my Mum's bicycle. Yes, it's ReRun here, Linus' and Lucy's brother. Linus is quite a good big brother, but Lucy - well, she's pretty hard to stay away from, like Linus says. Fortunately, Linus has his blanket to protect us. He's a pretty good philosopher and theologian too. The best thing is that he gives all his advice for free (unlike Lucy, who charges a nickel each time). The other two members of the Peanuts gang I like are the little girl who sits next to me in kindergarten and Snoopy. Snoopy likes to play with me and loves the cookies I give him. There are only two things I'd like in life: a bicycle and a dog of my own.

(A photo of me - don't forget to come back to this page, though!)

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