by Linus

I have had to do Lucy's page because she said that she didn't want anything to do with one of MY ideas. I told her Patty and Violet had done it, as well as Frieda, but she refused even more emphatically. Only then did I read Violet's part on the "lost" character page. Oh well...
Lucy works hard at being crabby, bossy, selfish, hitting sharp blows to noses and generally being unkind to Rerun and me. POW!
Lucy, I thought you didn't want to do this webpage!
Anyway, she has a mean trick of pulling away the football from Charlie Brown just as he tries to kick it. You can see all the clever gags she came up with to persuade Charlie Brown to try kicking the football at The Football Gags by my friend Derrick Bang. Poor Charlie Brown!

This is the cost of a psychiatric consultation with Lucy!

(A photo of Lucy - don't forget to come back to this site, though!)

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I thought you weren't interested in this website!
Well, the real answer is because I created the website. If you want a Lucy and Friends, go make your own!