by Snoopy and Woodstock

Pawprint Bar

I am one talented beagle! Everyone says I have arrived at a "Walter Mitty complex," but I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. I suppose it means that I'm a bit like Walter Mitty, whoever he was. I don't think he had the ability to do my 120 imitations (including my famous snake's backwards slither)! I suppose, although I started out at the Daisy Hill Puppy farm and quickly grew up in Lila's hands, I will probably remain with the "round-headed kid" for many more suppertimes (my favorite time of day).
I love playing with ReRun - but I won't have any part of it if he doesn't bring cookies. Chocolate chip cookies follow me everywhere I go! I also like to gulp down root beer with double foam in extra large quantities!
Finally, I just want to tell anyone who believes in Santa Claus what MY opinion of the man is:
"Anyone who would fly around from house to house in a sleigh with a bunch of reindeer has to be out of his mind!" - Me

I am gratefully indebted to Woodstock for typing this for me! Oh - and Woodstock, here's my tip for writers - "What a writer should know..." *falls off doghouse* "Never lean back to read what you've written!"

(A picture of me - don't forget to come back to this page, though!)