by Schroeder

Hi, my name's Schroeder. I'm really more interested in playing the piano than creating part of this website, but I will do my bit for Linus. I prefer Beethoven to anything else - I've shared pieces of Beethoven trivia with Charlie Brown on his pitcher's mound, received all kinds of stuff ranging from Beethoven books to Beethoven bubble gum, and taken up a collection for a Beethoven memorial. There are two occasions when I'm bothered around my piano - when Woodstock uses it as a jungle gym and when Lucy leans on it. I sometimes use the music I am playing as a gag over Lucy's mouth, but she doesn't seem to learn to keep away from my piano - or from me, for that matter. I need to go now, but please enjoy looking around the rest of the site! Bye!

(A photo of me - don't forget to come back to this page, though!)

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