Trivia Answers

#1. "Receiving a chain letter is like discovering you have gum on the bottom of your shoe!" Who originated this memorable quote?
[Charlie Brown.]

#2. To how many people did s/he have to write the letter?

#3. How do we know that Woodstock is not a swallow?
[Woodstock didn't return to San Juan Capistrano on the day all the swallows returned there. Woodstock ended up at Needles, where my brother Spike lives. Actually, I'm pretty glad that Woodstock isn't a swallow. If he was, he'd have had to have stayed at the mission all summer... I'd have missed him!]

#4. Lucy once saw Charles Schulz on TV! Where was Schulz?
[Schulz was Grand Marshal of the Rose Parade in Pasadena.]

#5. Who told me, "Don't be sad, Flying Ace," and why? Why is this quote famous?
[Marcie comforted me with this after the Red Baron shot my birthday cake full of holes. SOMEDAY, I'LL GET YOU, RED BARON... sorry about that. The quote is the title of one of the Peanuts collection books.]

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